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I am Dash/Captain British. I do stuff sometimes, stuff with drawings and audio. But most of the time I don't.

You should follow me anyway, you'd be a pretty cool person if you did and I'd make many babies with you.

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I have spent WAY too long trying to paint a Time Vortex unsuccessfully…

This looks like one, right guys?


  1. dastump said: looks more like individual bits of hair or a tidal wave of sorts. hell if i know i don’t even know what a time vortex looks like with out looking to the sci-fi shows. other then that great
  2. askstripes said: totally
  3. asksticks said: Indeed it does!
  4. shpookymemes said: yes!!
  5. ask-little-emerald said: I think it does
  6. captainbritisharchive posted this
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